Teen Choice Awards 2011: Selena Gomez, Fergie, And Nina Dobrev Tote Mini Clutches.

Posted 14/08/11 15:33 pm ET by Andy S.H in Accessories, Red Carpet.


Selena Gomez,Fergie,Nina Dobrev @ The Teen Choice Awards Photo: Getty Images.

Through the hours we spent poring over the red carpet looks of last night’s {Teen Choice Awards} (as we do), we grew to notice a surprising little accessories trend! Tunnel-visioned into the {’90s revival}, at first glance we were like, “WHOA! Is that an old-school WALKMAN?!?” Alas, it’s been years since we’ve seen those prehistoric cassette players and don’t really remember that well what the predecessors to the iPod looked like. In actuality, they are teeny tiny clutches!

(Selena Gomez) paired her Erin Fetherson dress with a candy-colored octagonal hardshell clutch from M.C.L. by Matthew Campbell Laurenza, that was roughly the size of a sunglasses case. The bright fuschia added some refreshing pop to her butter-yellow frock, but the small size keeps the bag from competing with the rest of her outfit. (Fergie)’s black beaded Christian Louboutin clutch could probably barely hold her cell phone (sidenote/long-burning question: WHAT do celebs bring to awards shows?? [Ed. Note: A homing beacon so their manservants can airlift them out when they are tired. FACT.]), a driver’s license, and a tube of lipgloss, but it was worth it because she needed something inconspicuous to tote with that attention-demanding star-spangled Dolce & Gabbana body-con. Finally, (Nina Dobrev) rocked a double-dose of D&G with her A-line gingham dress and itsy-bitsy white clutch. Though Dobrev sported it as an eveningwear accessory, we could easily see her adding a crossbody strap and wearing it to a music festival or on a lazy weekend afternoon of shopping! 

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